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'SimCity' for Mac delayed until August

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SimCity Big Buildings
SimCity Big Buildings

EA Maxis has announced today that the Mac version of its very popular but beleaguered PC game SimCity will be delayed until August, with no more specific date given. The developer had previously announced in April that the Mac version would be available on June 11th, just five days from now. "We have made this tough decision because we do not believe [the Mac version] is ready for prime time yet," Kip Katsarelis, SimCity's senior producer, wrote on EA's website.

The launch of SimCity in March was plagued with server issues and connectivity problems, which left EA in the tough position of having to disable critical features for periods of time and even to stop promoting the game briefly while it rushed to make corrections and upgrades. EA has additionally said that when the Mac version does launch, players will receive the SimCity Launch Park, a special area of the game which opened for the PC version last month with the fourth update to the game.

EA also announced that Update 5 for the PC version of SimCity will be released "in a couple of weeks," with improvements coming for various multiplayer functions, including regional unlocks and the ability to commute between cities.