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TiVo and Google finally settle years-long Motorola patent lawsuit

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One week before their legal battle was due to enter the courtroom, TiVo and Google have settled a Motorola patent infringement suit. Terms of the final agreement between TiVo and Google — which at one point owned Motorola Mobility's Home business — haven't yet been disclosed. Motorola initially sued TiVo in 2011, with TiVo later firing back with a countersuit pertaining to a number of DVR-related patents, including one covering the company's prized "multimedia time warping system." Arris Group acquired Motorola Mobility's home business from Google last December in a deal worth $2.35 billion. As part of the buyout deal, Google limited the potential liability Arris could face thanks to the TiVo suit to a "very small number," which Variety pegs at $50 million.

TiVo's lawsuit against Time Warner Cable, filed alongside the Motorola litigation, remains pending, as does another legal tussle with Cisco. TiVo has established a history of vigorously protecting its patent portfolio with prior victories over Dish Network, AT&T, and Verizon.