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YouTube founders create a Chinese carbon copy of Vine

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wan-pai better
wan-pai better

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have had an obviously influential role in streaming video, but their latest app doesn't exactly speak to that pedigree. Hurley and Chen's new company, Avos Systems, has built a Chinese-language clone of Vine, which appears to be called Wan-Pai. Aside from video filters and an altered color scheme, the app mimics Vine beat-for-beat, with an identical interface, pre-loaded editors' picks, and even a cartoonish Explore section.

The only area that Wan-Pai can't keep up with Vine is video playback: Avos' app doesn't automatically play videos, putting a brief wait time before each clip. The app has been out since April, but it appears to only have received widespread attention today following a report by TechCrunch. Given the lack of buzz, it's probably safe to say that it hasn't quite caught on yet. You can take a look at your first Wan-Pai right here — though be warned that it will unintentionally snap to the size of your browser.