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New trailers: ‘Insidious Chapter 2,’ ‘Getaway,’ ‘Paranoia,’ and ‘The Newsroom'

New trailers: ‘Insidious Chapter 2,’ ‘Getaway,’ ‘Paranoia,’ and ‘The Newsroom'

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The Newsroom trailer screencap
The Newsroom trailer screencap

It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time to take a look back at some of the latest trailers to make the rounds!

Insidious Chapter 2

Director James Wan firmly put the Saw legacy behind him with the atmospheric Insidious, and this year we'll see the second entry in the series. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne both return, and with longtime Wan collaborator Leigh Whannell writing the script we’re sure to see more of the same scares that worked so well the first time around. It’s arriving in September — on Friday the 13th, of course.


Fast & Furious 6 didn’t do it for you? Do you wish Ethan Hawke had played the Keanu role in Speed? Your prayers are being answered with Getaway. Selena Gomez joins Hawke in this story about a man who’s coerced by some guy with a scary accent to do bad-ass things in order to save his wife. Motorcycles get knocked over. Cars run through plate glass windows. People count down from the number five. You know you’ll be there on August 30th.


Liam Hemsworth plays a blue-collar kind of guy who finds himself thrown into a world of wealth and privilege when he’s hired by Gary Oldman to steal trade secrets from Harrison Ford. Hemsworth is soon caught between two very powerful companies — and that’s when he takes matters into his own hands.

The Newsroom

The second season of Aaron Sorkin’s behind-the-scenes look at cable news is debuting July 14th, but in this latest teaser you won’t hear any of his trademark dialogue. Instead it’s full of gorgeous, slow-motion shots of various characters bringing the angst in the middle of nowhere. It also proves that Sam Waterston’s Charlie Skinner knows how to knock ‘em back — even in the middle of the desert.