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Airbus smart luggage prototype offers iPhone tracking, faster check-in

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Bag2Go Airbus Prototype
Bag2Go Airbus Prototype

Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to put an end to lost luggage with its new iPhone-enabled smart luggage. According to Australian Business Traveller, the prototype, called Bag2Go, utilizes a GPS tracker, a 2G mobile connection, and an RFID chip to record its whereabouts, allowing airports to pair its unique ID with handling systems and log it against its owner's travel itinerary. A companion iPhone app collates the data and displays the case's location, alerting the owner when it has been opened.

Airbus teamed up with T-Mobile and German luggage maker Rimowa to develop the prototype. Unlike other luggage tracking accessories, Airbus integrates the technology directly into the case, even allowing owners to check its weight using scales built into the handle. The company has no plans to sell the bags directly but may license its technology to airlines, allowing travellers to rent the case on a short-term basis. In attempting to take the hassle out of flying, Airbus also predicts Bag2Go could be used as part of a door-to-door service which would pick up the case from the owner's home and deliver it to the airport, check it in, and then take it to their destination.