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Tom Hardy to star in Takashi Miike's first Hollywood movie, 'The Outsider'

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Acclaimed and often controversial director Takashi Miike's first Hollywood-produced movie will star The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy, according to Deadline Hollywood. Miike, who gained international recognition with extreme movies such as Audition, Ichi The Killer, Gozu, and Visitor Q, has over 50 cinematic releases to his name, but has never directed a non-Japanese feature.

Beyond Hardy's starring role and Miike's directorial duties, little is known about the movie. Dubbed The Outsider, it's based on an original story idea from Sons of Anarchy executive producer John Linson, and was scripted by Andrew Baldwin. The movie will center on a former American GI and ex-prisoner-of-war who rises through the ranks of the Japanese Yakuza.