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Nintendo dismisses E3's importance as it turns to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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nintendo mario kart
nintendo mario kart

Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime has taken to Facebook to defend his company's decision not to hold a press conference at E3. Speaking directly to fans, Fils-Aime notes that "change can make people nervous," and adds that he understands "people are wondering how we can possibly share information about all our games without all the bells and whistles of a press conference."

Nintendo believes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube negate the need for a lavish press conference

Nintendo is embracing Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote itself during E3. It has a Nintendo Direct conference planned for 7AM PT (10AM ET) on June 11th, followed by a "steady stream of content" ranging from developer interviews, game trailers, and wrap-up videos. At 12PM PT (3PM ET), the company will air developer interviews, at 1PM PT (4PM ET), there'll be a "software showcase recap video," and at 7PM PT (10PM ET), it'll air a wrap-up video highlighting the day's events. Throughout the day, it'll be using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to share all the important news, and is also setting up Wii U demos at select Best Buy stores to demo some of the new games featured at E3.

Nintendo clearly believes this new approach won't harm its ability to get news out to gamers. Fils-Aims explains that Nintendo is "always looking for ways to surprise and delight," and points out that company will "still be at E3 revealing new information," but this time "it will be different and it will be better." For more on what we're expecting from E3, head over to our full E3 preview.