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Microsoft demonstrates new apps and devices for Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 (embargo)
Windows 8.1 (embargo)

Microsoft is preparing a large number of updates and changes for Windows 8.1, and the company has revealed some of them previously, but a new video shows them in full detail for over an hour. New apps, including Reading List, Food & Drink, and updated Search and Photos changes are all shown with the new Start button in Windows 8.1 making an appearance. The updated Windows Store interface is also demonstrated, alongside some improved multitasking with additional Snap Views.

New Windows-powered devices are also shown on stage, including Lenovo's 8-inch "Miix 8" tablet. While Microsoft has demonstrated some of the software features before, it's a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of the Windows 8.1 improvements and future devices. All the Windows 8.1 action starts at 21 minutes in the video below.