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Will the NSA pursue legal action against journalist Glenn Greenwald?

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Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald is at the center of one of the biggest news stories of the year, and according to The New York Times, there is fear he may soon be the focus of a federal investigation. On Wednesday, Greenwald, a reporter for The Guardian, broke the story that the National Security Agency has been collecting domestic and international phone records from Verizon, the US's largest wireless carrier. On Thursday, Greenwald followed that up with a story on PRISM, an NSA spying program that reportedly collects user data from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech giants. In an interview with the Times, the columnist and former constitutional lawyer said that a number of friends have reached out and told him that "he should be worried."

Greenwald however is taking a different view. "What I am doing is exactly what the Constitution is about and I am not worried about it," he said in the interview, noting that the agency has vehemently pursued Bradley Manning, the Army private who leaked about 700,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war documents to WikiLeaks. "The NSA is kind of the crown jewel in government secrecy," Greenwald told the Times. "I expect them to react even more extremely." Check out the Times interview for more on Greenwald's history as a blogger, activist, and muckracker.