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PRISM, Obama, Xbox One, and iRadio: 90 Seconds on The Verge

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"What we have right here is the absolute latest in technological innovation! More power than you can handle! More speed than you'll ever need! This is the high-octane, 21st-century future, and it can all be yours — for just $5,999!"

Stories of the day:

President Obama on NSA spying: Congress has known about it and approved for years

UK government is allegedly involved in US internet spying program PRISM

US intelligence chief asks public to blindly trust that the government respects civil liberties

Microsoft details Xbox One 24-hour online check, used game policies, and Kinect privacy

Sony signs on with Apple's iRadio, bringing last of the major labels on board, says AllThingsD

Today's episode was written by Bryan Bishop, Nathan Cykiert, and Ross Miller. Cameras and editing by Zach Goldstein. Thumbnail wizardry courtesy by Billy Disney.