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    On The Verge: face transplants and NYC Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot

    On The Verge: face transplants and NYC Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot

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    It's a very special On The Verge as we take a deeper dive into Beyond Recognition, our cover story this week on face transplants. Our science editor Katie Drummond sits down with Josh for a talk about the story from inception to reaction. Also, Nilay Patel sits down with New York City's Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot to talk about — among less important topics like modernizing a major city in this fast-growing world — why he doesn't have FiOS yet.

    Don't forget next week is pretty busy for us — especially Monday with Apple's WWDC and the major E3 keynotes. Also the return of Top Shelf, and of course, more On The Verge. It'll be fun, join us!

    Directed by Billy Disney, Jordan Oplinger

    Producer: Ross Miller
    Associate Producer: Michael Shane, Nathan Cykiert
    Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
    Executive Producers: Joshua Topolsky, Chad Mumm, Kyle Kramer

    Written by: Joshua Topolsky, Ross Miller, Nathan Cykiert
    Editors: Billy Disney, Jordan Oplinger
    Additional Editing: Zach Goldstein
    Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers

    Camera Operators: Zach Goldstein, Cosmo Scharf, Courtland Noble
    Host: Joshua Topolsky

    Special Guests: Rachel Haot, Katie Drummond
    Featuring: Nilay Patel

    Production Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Will Buikema, Dave Kaufman
    Intro animation: Noah Shulman
On The Verge logo: Cory Schmitz
    Booker: Mary Downey
    Production Assistants: Jacob Moe
    Special Thanks to: Marty Moe and Jim Bankoff