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Mad Catz announces Project Mojo Android gaming console, will go on sale later this year

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Mad Catz Project Mojo
Mad Catz Project Mojo

The Ouya console may not have been all that everyone had hoped for, but that's not stopping other companies from getting in on the game: peripheral designer Mad Catz has its own Android-based gaming console it's calling Project Mojo. Aesthetically, it's a small black slab with an HDMI output and both standard and Micro USB connectors. Unlike other Android consoles it doesn't have its own store; it will run stock Android games from Google Play and Amazon's Appstore, including ones users may already own.

IGN has a video preview of the device, which reveals an interface that looks essentially like what you'd see on an Android phone in landscape orientation. Project Mojo is designed to work alongside the Mad Catz line of GameSmart controllers, keyboards, mice, and headset — though it will work with other USB and Bluetooth peripherals. While the concept of Android consoles gained considerable momentum over the past year, the payoff has been less than satisfying. The Ouya was met with negative reviews, and the GameStick was delayed for two months earlier this year. Mad Catz says Project Mojo will ship in the fourth quarter of this year, so the company has plenty of time to work out the kinks. It will be showing the console off at E3 next week — and we'll be there to bring you our impressions.