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You're unlikely to finish reading this article

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verge app ios update stock 1020

Have you ever loaded an article, intended to read it, but not even made it past the first paragraph? You're not alone. According to Slate columnist Farhad Manjoo, only a small number of internet readers are reading web articles to the end, and he has the statistics to prove it. Teaming up with web analytics company Chartbeat, Manjoo analyzed how Slate's website visitors interacted with its content, identifying that more 38 percent of readers immediately "bounced" — meaning they left without reading a single thing on the page. Of those that stayed, half of them didn't make it past the first 100 words. Manjoo also explores the correlation between scroll depth and social media sharing and identifies where and when people are likely to leave a webpage, providing a fascinating insight into how internet users consume content on the web.