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Good Deal: 'Bioshock Infinite' PC download for $27.99

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Bioshock Infinite Good Deal
Bioshock Infinite Good Deal

If last month's Amazon sale didn't drive down the price for Bioshock Infinite low enough, Gamefly's PC deal might convince you to download one of this year's best games. Gamefly is offering the first-person shooter for $34.99/£16.99 as part of summer PC sale, but you can save an additional 20 percent and bring the cost down to $27.99/£13.59 by using the code GFDJUN20 in the US or GFDJUN20UK in the UK. The coupon code can also be used against a number of other top games, which include the Mass Effect Trilogy ($16), Fallout New Vegas ($3), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($4), and also BioShock 1 & 2 ($4) — allowing you to own the trilogy for just $31.99. Some games are activated via Steam, meaning you'll need to enter the redemption code you receive once you complete your Gamefly purchase.