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Samsung, HTC, and LG bicker on Twitter, show fanboys how it's done

Samsung, HTC, and LG bicker on Twitter, show fanboys how it's done

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Visit almost any website covering mobile phones and you're likely to find comments full of fans arguing over which company's product is the best. To many, the behavior is unbearable, but the UK social media accounts of Samsung, HTC, and LG showed they're not above bickering yesterday on Twitter.

HTC UK started the fight, adding "ouch @SamsungMobileUK" to the end of a tweet celebrating its "hottest phone of 2013" award. Samsung UK fired back noting that it had won three different awards at the same ceremony, before HTC replied accusing Samsung of paying students to write fake reviews for its competitors' products. What comment thread would be complete without an irreverent image macro? LG UK decided to get in on the infantile action with an image of Michael Winner — a British personality whose catchphrase in a series of insurance ads was something of a pre-internet meme in the UK — telling HTC and Samsung to "calm down dears, it's only a mobile phone."

While, to many viewing the exchange unfold on Twitter, the tweets were mostly harmless, we'd much rather see the companies leave the childish bickering to the fans.