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How 'Canabalt' revived a long-forgotten genre

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The 2009 game Canabalt is largely credited with sparking the ongoing trend of endless running games. Endless, or "forced" runners, as the names suggest, revolve around a single character, who is perpetually propelled forward. Although some question the sanity of running towards an ever-expanding horizon, few can question this genre's addictive nature. Canabalt spawned many other successful title: there's the colorful Adult Swim tie-in Robot Unicorn Attack; Jetpack Joyride and Bit.Trip Runner, which expanded on the concept with additional gameplay elements; and Temple Run, which shifted gameplay to an over-the-shoulder perspective. An article in The New Yorker examines the origins of Canabalt, its influence on the industry, and even traces the history of the genre back to the 1983 game B.C's Quest for Tires.