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Microsoft launches web-based Xbox Music, available for subscribers now

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Xbox Music
Xbox Music

We expected Microsoft to launch its Xbox Music web version this week, and it appears the site is online and ready to use. Xbox Music Pass subscribers can access the web player from, with a responsive design that adapts to your browser size. The web player is very similar to the recently redesigned Windows 8.1 Xbox Music app, but it doesn't include the same rich now playing screen found on the full application version.

During our testing we've noticed that using the web player can be shared and accessed across multiple machines, with music continuing to stream without restrictions. A now playing bar is placed at the bottom of the interface, providing options to control music playback, volume, and a repeat switch. You can edit playlists, add new music to your collection from the cloud, and search freely. As Xbox Music syncs to Windows devices, Windows Phones, and the Xbox 360 then any playlist changes will be reflected elsewhere.

Interestingly, Microsoft notes that "Xbox Music Pass is available on PCs, tablets, Xbox 360, phones, and on the web," suggesting that the company might be ready to launch additional applications for iOS or Android. When we first learned about Xbox Music, ahead of E3 last year, there was a mention of iOS and Android apps so we expect to see those at some point. If you're not an Xbox Music subscriber then Microsoft is offering up 30 days of free access to new users.