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Download Mozilla's open source office furniture, some assembly required

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Mozilla Factory
Mozilla Factory

In keeping with its open ethos, Mozilla teamed up with Japan-based design company Nosigner to develop and furnish its Japanese office using "open-source furniture." As part of its design, Nosigner used freely available products for the Mozilla Factory's flooring, partition walls, mirrors, and even its signage. The schematics can be downloaded from the "OS Furnitures" website, allowing visitors to download the plans and enable them "to make functional office furnitures inexpensively."

Nosigner used plastic pallets covered with thin wood panelling for the flooring. Underneath the panelling lie cables that run into small doors offering power, phone, and network connections, while lightweight polycarbonate panels make it easy to edit the workspace at any given time. Each part has its own blueprint. Not all of the office furniture is custom made — the chairs appear to be a variation of the Eames moulded side chair — but by using "common products" Nosigner and Mozilla hope others will create their own interpretations of the modern Japanese workspace.