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Twitter's new 'embedded on these websites' feature helps users discover the story behind a tweet

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Twitter Embedded
Twitter Embedded

Twitter has begun trialling new features that give users a way to learn more about the tweets that they read. As noted by security expert Mikko Hypponen, Twitter has enabled a new "Embedded on these websites" notice below popular tweets on the web which lists articles that feature it. Users are invited to click through and discover the story behind the original post.

It's one step towards the "DVR mode" that Costolo envisioned

Last week, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo outlined plans to help users cut through the noise of Twitter during events without losing the real-time feel of the conversation. "That ability to track and monitor the moments within an event, either as they happen or to catch up with them, is something we want to enhance," said Costolo. "We want to make that experience even better, curating the moments within the event, the media from it, and making it that much easier to navigate."

By listing website links alongside Twitter content, the company is making good on its promise to help users track moments. It's one step towards the "DVR mode" that Costolo envisioned, curating content and making it easy for users to access — whether it's during or after an event. We have contacted Twitter for comment on when the new feature will begin rolling out to more users and will update the article accordingly.