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Watch ABC live TV-streaming app now requires a cable subscription

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Watch ABC stock 2040
Watch ABC stock 2040

When ABC started offering live streaming TV to its iOS app, anyone in New York City or Philadelphia was able to tune in. Unfortunately, that early promotional period is over — users of the Watch ABC iOS app must now sign in with a username and password from a cable provider like Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Midcontinent, or AT&T. If you're not paying for your TV through one of those cable providers, you can no longer stream ABC live to your iOS device. Of course, ABC streams over-the-air for free to anyone with an antenna, but you'll still need to jump through hoops if you want to watch over the internet. This restriction was known from the start, but it's still a bit of a disappointment to those enjoying free TV on their iOS devices. On the brighter side, ABC has also rolled out access to the Watch ABC app to customers in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Raleigh-Durham, NC. If you live in one of those markets and have a current cable subscription, you should be able to use the Watch ABC app now.