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How Reddit moderators took down a mischievous meme kingpin

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lol oops
lol oops

While Reddit's administrators take spamming and manipulation seriously, its official police can't realistically patrol the site's endless boroughs of cat photos, politics, and "Scumbag Steves." But the social sharing site's volunteer moderators are notoriously powerful within their own Reddit fiefdoms, and with a little detective work from the mods of r/AdviceAnimals — one of the internet's largest meme cauldrons — they were able to uncover and shut down a foul plot of covert manipulation. The Daily Dot has the full story of how the meme haven's moderators were able to unmask and oust the owner of Quickmeme, who secretly joined the ranks of r/AdviceAnimals and attempted to snuff out competitors. The plot may not end up on the next episode of Law and Order, but it's a great example of high drama on one of the web's largest communities.