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OneNote updated for iPhone, iPad, and Android with new features and unified note appearance

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Microsoft is updating its iPhone, iPad, and Android OneNote applications on Monday to provide a more consistent looking experience throughout the different platforms. Notes are now designed to look identical across each application, with ink now rendering on iOS and Android devices. New formatting features on iPad and iPhone have been introduced to style text colors and tags, while the slight design tweaks mean search on iPad has been repositioned to the top of the app.

On the Android side, Microsoft has added audio note support and home screen widgets. The new widgets support quick note taking, picture capture, and audio notes. The recent notes feature on OneNote Android has also been improved to support pinning, and Microsoft has finally added a search options too. Both the iOS and Android OneNote apps now fully support Office 365 notebooks in SkyDrive Pro. OneNote for iOS is available immediately from Apple's App Store, and OneNote for Android can be found over at Google Play.