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Suspected 'hacker' who demanded $1 million in Bitcoins from Mitt Romney caught and charged

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mitt romney flickr gageskidmore
mitt romney flickr gageskidmore

Michael Mancil Brown, who allegedly called himself "Dr. Evil" on the internet, has been charged with six counts of extortion and six counts of wire fraud for attempting to extract $1 million in Bitcoins from Mitt Romney. During the election season, an anonymous "hacker" claimed to have gotten hold of the presidential candidate's tax forms by sneaking into his accountant's office. The hacker threatened to release the private documents if Romney didn't pay up. It didn't work. There is no evidence that Brown actually possessed the documents, which were a major subject of scrutiny during the campaign; the government claims Brown made the whole thing up. The original ransom note, posted on, is no longer available.