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Microsoft set to bring 256GB Surface Pro to North America for $1,199.99 (update)

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Microsoft Surface Pro better stock 1020
Microsoft Surface Pro better stock 1020

A Surface Pro with more storage is coming to North America. WPCentral first spotted the retail listing at — one of Microsoft's authorized vendors — confirming that a 256GB version of the tablet is set to go on sale imminently with availability expected in the next week. The larger capacity, twice that of Apple's roomiest iPad, first debuted in Japan earlier this month. US retail cost is set at $1,199.99. Aside from the larger flash drive, the Surface Pro's hardware remains entirely unchanged. That means an upgrade to Intel's latest Haswell processors (and the uptick in battery life that would presumably result) will have to wait for another day. We've reached out to Microsoft for more information on availability of the 256GB Surface Pro and will update this story upon hearing back.

Update: Microsoft has reached out to clarify that the 256GB Surface Pro is squarely aimed at its business customers. In fact, securing one as a general consumer is likely to be all but impossible — at least right now. In a Q&A Microsoft has posted on the new device, the company notes that authorized resellers carrying the 256GB Surface Pro are only permitted to sell to business, public sector, and education customers.