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Google retiring Latitude on August 9th, pushes Google+ instead

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Google Latitude Leaderboard
Google Latitude Leaderboard

As Google rolls out its updated mapping experience for iOS and Android, the company has announced it will retire one of its older location services: Google Latitude. In a post on its support website, Google says all of its Latitude properties — which include mobile apps, website, API, and badges — will be killed on August 9th as it looks to strengthen location-sharing and check-in features available on Google+.

Google's decision to kill Latitude doesn't come as much of a surprise, the service has been abandoned for a number of years after the company shifted focus to Google+. After August 9th, the company will delete your friends on Latitude, stop sending privacy reminders, and remove the check-in option from the mobile apps. Google will continue to offer its Location Reporting and History tools but its key aim is to funnel the small number of Latitude users into a wider social network where it already provides similar tools. Location sharing is already live for users of the Google+ Android app but if you are an iOS user, the feature is said to be "coming soon".