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Skype responds to Android redesign criticism, fixes sign out process

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Skype Android
Skype Android

A little over a week after it pushed a new version of its Android app with a full 'Metro' redesign, Skype has rolled out an update which fixes some of the issues reported by users during that time. The company says it has made it easier for users to sign out of their account and now offers both a Menu key option and a way to log out from any of the main navigation screens. Previously, users were required to navigate to their profile and hit a conspicuously placed overflow button to sign out of the app.

Skype notes it has patched a bug that prevented users from logging in or making/receiving calls if they had set their status to offline before updating to the new version. A similar bug that stopped users making video calls has also been fixed. While it's a minor update, Android users will be able to better manage the app's battery consumption, ensure calls are forwarded to the correct devices, and remove the persistent Skype notification from the status bar.