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Nokia Lumia 925 available at T-Mobile on July 17th for $49.99 initial payment

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Nokia Lumia 925 EMBARGO
Nokia Lumia 925 EMBARGO

After launching in the UK last month after a promised T-Mobile debut in the US, the carrier is finally detailing its plans for the Lumia 925 today. Available as an exclusive, T-Mobile plans to launch Nokia's latest flagship on July 17th priced at $49.99 with 24 monthly device payments of $20. The Lumia 925 is effectively a slimmer version of the Lumia 920 that launched back in November. It's made from aluminum, with a polycarbonate rear and optional colorful wireless charging covers.

T-Mobile's announcement comes just a day before Nokia will hold its "zoom reinvented" event in New York City. The Finnish smartphone maker is expected to launch a successor to the Lumia 920 and 925, dubbed the Lumia 1020, with a 41-megapixel camera. Nokia is believed to be planning an exclusive partnership with AT&T, a rival to T-Mobile, to market the Lumia 1020 as a hero device this summer.

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