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Screw iTunes: Queens of the Stone Age and Fred Armisen sell '…Like Clockwork' on USB drive with a bottle opener

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Queens of the Stone Age fans have probably already put the group's latest record, ...Like Clockwork, through a few spins on their music streaming service of choice. But for those who don't trust the cloud, the band has put together a special package that they think will fit the bill: they're releasing a limited edition USB flash drive loaded with the LP, lyric sheets, music videos, and album artwork. The group is also hoping that you'll tote that 8GB storage unit around after you've removed the content, and they've put a bottle opener on its back end to make it all the more handy.

"If you don't like the album, it's still an eight gig flash drive."

QOTSA had musician and comedian Fred Armisen star in a compelling sales pitch for the limited edition drive. While the album is available in other formats and on digital stores like Amazon and iTunes, the group is apparently hoping that fans will see the superiority that comes with the physical and digital mixture of a flash drive. To learn more about the new LP package, which is on sale now for $29.99, you can check out Armisen's humorous take on it below.