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The Verge is giving away tickets to a screening of 'Terms and Conditions May Apply' in NYC this Saturday! Update: giveaway over

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If you're in the New York City area and want to attend a screening of Cullen Hoback's Terms and Conditions May Apply at Quad Cinema this Saturday, July 13th at 8PM, listen up. We have 10 tickets (a +1 is included for that special someone) to give away to the first 10 people that comment on this post, saying they want a ticket and are able to attend. And please make this process easy for everyone. Only comment if you are in NYC and can go!

Additionally, this week's episode of On The Verge will feature an exclusive interview with Hoback, which you'll be able to watch this Friday. And for those interested, we've embedded the trailer for TCMA below.

Update: We've filled all 10 available slots. Thanks for commenting, everyone!