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Samsung 4K TVs available in US for pre-order July 21st, starting at $5,499.99

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Samsung S9 UHD TV
Samsung S9 UHD TV

Samsung said today that its new F9000 line of ultra-high-definition televisions would be available for pre-order in the United States starting July 21st. The 4K TVs will be offered in 55- and 65-inch models that the company says are "following in the footsteps" of the floating 85-inch model Samsung showed off at CES this year. The 55-inch model will cost $5,499.99, the 65-inch model will cost $7,499.99, and the units are expected to ship in early August.

With prices for next-generation televisions falling out of the stratosphere — that 85-inch model costs $39,999 — the bigger challenge for 4K adoption could be the availability of content. Sony this week began shipping its 4K Ultra HD media player, which costs a whopping $699.99 but will at least give 4K TV owners a way to take advantage of their pricey screens. Meanwhile, Samsung and LG are partnering with five Korean cable operators to bring live and pre-recorded TV to the masses by the end of this year. Until more content is readily available, though, 4K TV is likely to remain a dubious proposition for most mainstream TV buyers.