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Tour Hollywood's craziest computer UIs, from '2001' to 'The Matrix'

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Jurassic Park screenshot
Jurassic Park screenshot

One of the great joys of watching most sci-fi movies is checking out the computer interfaces dreamed up by the film's designers. Usually, the designers don't have to worry about making it work from a practical perspective as long as it looks futuristic, high-tech, and — above all else — cool. If you enjoy these made-up interfaces as much as we do, you'll be ecstatic with the link shared today by Wired writer and writer / curator Andy Baio: a server with more than 1,200 screenshots of computer interfaces pulled from a variety of old movies

You'll find shots from classics like Hackers, 2001, Alien, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, AI, and many more right here. It's a pretty fascinating look at the wildly different ways designers choose to make shots of a screen more interesting and "futuristic." We've posted a quick selection of some favorites below, but you'll really want to get lost in Baio's archive to get the full experience.