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'Oldboy' red band trailer: it's hammer time for Josh Brolin in Spike Lee's remake

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Oldboy poster screengrab (Source: Spike Lee/Yahoo Movies)
Oldboy poster screengrab (Source: Spike Lee/Yahoo Movies)

Imagine if one day you were abducted by unknown assailants, thrown into a hotel room-like prison, and kept there for nearly two decades, only to be released one day randomly back into the world. That horrible thought is the premise of Oldboy, an incredibly gory but riveting 2003 South Korean thriller film based on a Japanese manga that is arguably one of the finest movies ever made. But because Hollywood can't resist remaking and Americanizing acclaimed Asian films, there will be a new version of Oldboy coming out in the US on October 25th.

The red band trailer (WARNING: violence, gore and nudity) for the new Oldboy released today on Yahoo Movies shows that the remake has some good things going for it: it's directed by Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, The Inside Man, among many other movies) and stars Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men) and Samuel L. Jackson. Based on the trailer alone, it seems to preserve the same story beats, stylized violence, sinister mind games and gritty cinematography of the original film. Oh, and a pivotal scene involving a hammer used as a weapon. Check it out if you're 17 or up. If you're interested, be sure to watch the original, too.