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Reebok's Checklight indicator warns athletes of dangerous head trauma, now on sale for $149.99

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Among the risks that athletes contend with on a daily basis, concussions rank pretty high on the list. They happen often and can prove debilitating — even deadly. But tools to help reduce major head trauma are becoming more widely available. Starting today, football players and those who partake in other contact sports can purchase Reebok's Checklight, an indicator that measures the severity of impacts to your head.

Yellow means moderate acceleration, red means significant impact

The device is worn beneath a skullcap that fits snugly to your head, with helmets able to be comfortably placed on top. When it's active, a yellow light on the Checklight means you've experienced a moderate acceleration, with red representing significant impacts. In both cases, Reebok suggests you take a time out from your current activity and get an assessment from a nearby doctor or athletic trainer.

The company is quick to clarify that Checklight can't actually indicate / diagnose concussions, much less directly prevent them. Instead, it's meant to reveal when impacts rise above a particular threshold. Battery life is rated at six hours, so you'll need to charge fairly often if you're using the indicator in daily practice sessions and games. It's available now for $150 — a small price to pay if Checklight can help lessen the number of devastating concussions facing athletes young and old alike.