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Liquor company enlists army of bee slaves to build a honeycomb bottle

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3b printing
3b printing

Insects, we are learning, are nature's Makerbots. First, MIT researchers enlisted 6,500 silkworms to print a silk pavilion. Now Dewars, the venerable whisky brand now owned by Bacardi, has marshaled an army of bees to 3D-print a honeycomb sculpture of a whisky bottle. The sculpture, which is designed to promote Highlander Honey Whisky, was coordinated by New York advertising agency The Ebeling Group. Fast Company takes a look at the challenges involved in so-called "3B printing," starting with the fact that the queen bee had to be sequestered to prevent her from laying eggs in the honeycomb. The project took six weeks to complete, two rounds of bees, and plenty of bee suits to protect the film crew. And while the bees were coerced into their work, the Humane Society supervised the three-day film shoot to make sure no harm befell them.