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Create optical illusions and beautiful geometric artwork with Isometric for iOS

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Three diamonds and just a few colors can turn into a world of optical illusions and gorgeous geometric patterns in the new iOS app Isometric. The app is simple: you're given a blank canvas, and tapping on it will pop up a diamond. From there, you can rotate the diamond three different ways and apply a variety of colors, quickly turning your basic shapes into a jumble of squares, stairs, and convoluted dimensions. It's a lot of tapping and placing, but once you stumble onto the basic pieces of a beautiful design or a clever shape, it's a lot of fun.


Isometric works on both the iPhone and iPad, and it'll sync your designs between devices using iCloud. The designs can also be exported, and have a little flair added to them by filters that range from Instagram-style color shifts to hollow outlines that reimagine your pattern. It certainly takes a bit of playing around to make something more complicated than a cube, but the app's developer has put together a Tumblr filled with some colorful inspiration, all made in Isometric. That app costs $1.99 and is available today.