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Play this: 'Tiny Thief' is 'Angry Birds' for kleptomaniacs

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Tiny Thief
Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief has a structure that will feel familiar to any of the millions of people who have played games like Angry Birds or Cut The Rope: You'll spend your time solving a series of tricky puzzles, trying to nab a three star score. Where Tiny Thief differentiates itself is with its premise. You're not solving physics-based puzzles, but instead pulling off increasingly complex capers (don't worry, you'll only be stealing from the bad guys). Levels will have you doing everything from nabbing keys away from sleeping guards to rescuing pigs from mean farmers.

The controls are simple and intuitive, but the trick to successfully pulling off heists is a combination of timing and experimentation. Some of the solutions are a little strange — one level has you tying a balloon to a rabbit, for instance — but the fun is in playing around and seeing what works. In most cases it will only take one or two tries to complete a level's main objective, but there are secrets and secondary goals that provide much more of a challenge if you're looking for it. Tiny Thief is also downright adorable, though the high level of polish shouldn't be too surprising — it's one of the first games from Rovio's new publishing program, Rovio Stars. It's available now on both iOS and Android.