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Flipboard and Path coming to Windows Phone 8, Hipstamatic launching exclusively for the Lumia 1020

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During its event revealing the new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, the company also announced some major new apps for the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem — Flipboard and Path will soon be available for Windows Phone 8. Additionally, the company confirmed that Hipstamatic will be released alongside the Lumia 1020 and will finally offer some Windows Phone 8 users a way to upload directly to Instagram through an official channel. As we learned back in May at the Lumia 925 event, the Hipstamatic Oggl app will let users apply filters and make quick edits and then share photos out to a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The company didn't give any details on whether Flipboard or Path for Windows Phone 8 would be any different than its apps for iOS and Android, but it wouldn't surprise us to see these apps on display after the event concludes. We'll update you here with any details we find out about these new apps.

Update: Path just posted a blog post confiming its app is headed to Windows Phone 8 devices, with a "special focus" on the new Lumia 1020. There's no real detail on what that means, but a screenshot reveals a navigation design that lines up with Microsoft's own Windows Phone 8 apps. Meanwhile, Microsoft's own official blog confirmed that Hipstamatic's Oggl Pro app will be exclusive to the Lumia 1020.