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'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes returning for next Bond film

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James Bond has bounced between different directors for his last six pictures — but that's set to change when Skyfall director Sam Mendes returns for the secret agent's next film. Sony Pictures and MGM have just announced that he'll be directing Daniel Craig for Bond's 24th picture, which is currently set to hit American theaters on November 6th, 2015. Mendes' Skyfall was commended as a moody thriller with gorgeous visuals, but despite the acclaim, it had been rumored that he wouldn't return to the director's chair for the next film. Apparently, the distant time frame has allowed for Mendes to fit it into his schedule.

Same writer, same director, same Bond

Though recurring Bond directors haven't been common of late, a few directors actually handled a majority of the franchise's history. The last director to take on a second Bond picture was Martin Campbell, who first did GoldenEye and later followed it up with the series' reboot, Casino Royale. If Mendes' work on Skyfall — and his directorial history, which includes hits like American Beauty and quiet character pieces like Revolutionary Road — are any suggestion, the next Bond film will be one to look forward to.