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Pebble touts over 275,000 total orders and more than one million app downloads

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pebble tetris pebblis
pebble tetris pebblis

The smartwatch craze shows no signs of abating, and there's little doubt that Pebble was one of the first companies to really push the concept into the mainstream over the last year or so. We already knew that the company took in a total of 85,000 orders through Kickstarter, and now it has confirmed that it has taken pre-orders for more than 190,000 additional watches. That's a total of more than 275,000 Pebble orders to date, a number that should increase now that the watch is available at Best Buy.

Pebble also took a moment to address shipping concerns, a problem that has plagued the smartwatch ever since it became clear that the device would be far more popular than its creators anticipated. Specifically, the company noted that its expansion into Best Buy represented only a small percentage of the watches the company is manufacturing and that it shouldn't affect either those still waiting for Kickstarter orders or pre-orders through the company's website. If you're one of those still waiting for your order, Pebble has plenty.

Lastly, the company gave an update on the app situation for the smartwatch — even though the SDK is an "incomplete" beta, Pebble users have found the apps made so far useful enough to download 1 million of them in total. While Pebble didn't give any specific timeframes for updating the SDK or any details on what new features might be included, it did say that it's "working quickly to expose more features and APIs to third party developers, making it easier for watch apps to communicate, and building better development tools." Given that the Pebble's feature set out of the box is rather limited, we're hoping these new features roll out sooner than later so we can see what clever and creative features developers will be able to build.