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What if you had to clean up after a virtual alien invasion?

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As the hero of a first person shooter, you get to blast your way through hordes of enemies as you save humanity — but once you're through, someone else has to deal with the giant mess of blood and destruction left in your wake. In Viscera Cleanup Detail, you're dealing with just that. The new game puts you in the position of a space station's janitor who's forced to clean up after an alien invasion was fended off. You'll fetch buckets of water to mop up blood, deposit rotting organs into a biohazard bin, and collect fallen bullet casings as you straighten up after the wanton destruction.

Viscera Cleanup Detail was built over the course of 10 days as part of a "game jam" for coders inside of indie developer RuneStorm. Development on the game is going to continue, but for now RuneStorm has released an initial, early version of the game for free to the public. You can play it if you're running Windows, but if not, the video above captures just about all of the hilarity that you need to know.