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Saying goodbye to PCWorld in print

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PC World logo
PC World logo

Harry McCracken is calling it: the era of the PC magazine is over. PCWorld announced Wednesday that after 30 years in print the issue on stands now will be its last. McCracken, who worked at PCWorld from 1994 to 2008 as both an editor and a writer, has written what is essentially an obituary for the general-interest PC magazine for his new workplace, Time magazine. If you're not familiar with PCWorld, it could be considered the Sports Illustrated of PC magazines in the 1980s. But while it's leaving print, the publication will live on as a website and digital magazine.

"The news isn't shocking. In fact, it's sort of a shock it didn't happen several years ago," McCracken says in the piece. His take is heartfelt and filled with nostalgia, but it's also hopeful. "The golden age of computer journalism is now," he argues, pointing to the rise of tech news sites such as All Things D, Ars Technica, and even The Verge. Check out McCracken's goodbye to PCWorld on