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Fans of the Worldport 'flying saucer' fight to save a space-age relic at JFK Airport

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The Worldport, the once-famous "flying saucer" terminal at New York's JFK airport, will likely soon be gone. Built in 1960 by now-defunct airline Pan American, it sent off its final flight in March of 2013 and was slated to be demolished not long after. Although some ramps have already been knocked down, though, a group of supporters is still fighting to save the Worldport. "It represents a very important time in US history — a time when things were optimistic. It was the cradle of the jet age," preservationist Anthony Stramaglia told the New York Daily News in June. Fans of the terminal believe that although equipment is already being moved into place for the building's final destruction, it could still be saved: they're nearing the close of a (so far underfunded) Indiegogo campaign to take out an ad in The New York Times. Even if the terminal is demolished, it will live on in films like Live and Let Die, which featured a scene at the Worldport.