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Nintendo says gamers will have to wait until fall for Wii U performance boost

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wii u nfc stock
wii u nfc stock

Nintendo just pushed out a software update for the Wii U — but unfortunately, it isn't the update that Nintendo said it would deliver this summer to increase the console's rather laggy performance. According to a statement we received from Nintendo, today's update just includes some minor updates and the larger update to increase the console's speed has been delayed until the early fall.

This system update includes minor support enhancements, bug fixes and other adjustments to enhance the user experience. The larger system update previously mentioned by Mr. Iwata that provides further additions to system functionality is planned for release between the end of September and beginning of October.

Nintendo's already released one software update to improve performance, but it still left users wanting a quicker console; today's update won't do anything to address that. As for what's in the update that's rolling out now, it includes some improved standby features: the Wii U will now check for system or software updates and make those updates while the console is powered down. It also provides some unspecified "improvements to system stability and usability," but the real updates Wii U owners are waiting on will unfortunately not be here any time soon.