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Netflix currently in negotiations for another season of 'Arrested Development'

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Arrested Development hero (1024px)
Arrested Development hero (1024px)

Back in May Netflix debuted one of its most anticipated pieces of original programming yet with the fourth season of Arrested Development — and now it looks like the company is interested in even more time with the Bluth family. Bloomberg reports that Brian Grazer — the producing partner of Ron Howard, whose Imagine Entertainment actually played a part in the latest season of the show — stated today that his company is in negotiations with Netflix to produce another season. The comments were made during an interview at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, a get-together of well-known political, business, entertainment, and technology titans (Apple's Tim Cook is also attending this year's conference).

It's the latest turn in the Arrested Development story; the original show was cancelled back in 2006, and while talk of a movie had surfaced from time to time it wasn't until Netflix started its heavy original-content push this year that the cast reunited. There had been talk about a potential movie follow-up to this latest fourth season as well, but the fact that Netflix is pursuing a full new season's worth of episodes is even better news for Arrested Development fans — and a clear sign that Netflix was more than happy with the reaction the show received.