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Epic Games cancels iPad showcase 'Infinity Blade Dungeons'

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mike capps infinity blade dungeons
mike capps infinity blade dungeons

Infinity Blade Dungeons, a title Apple used to demonstrate the power of the iPad last year, has officially been cancelled. Donald Mustard, co-founder of series creator Chair Entertainment, confirmed the news on the Epic Games podcast, saying that work stopped on the title when developer Impossible Studios closed doors in February. At the time, publisher Epic said the project was "on hold."

"more games, more books" on the way

Epic and Apple announced Infinity Blade Dungeons in March 2012 alongside the iPad with Retina display. The game was conceived as a hack-and-slash spin-off to the successful Infinity Blade sword combat series; the original entry has been described by Epic as "the most profitable game we've ever made." Despite Dungeons' cancellation, Mustard says that the franchise will continue with "more games, more books, maybe even other products."