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LG releases 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs in the US for $6,999 and $7,999

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LG's 4K TV lineup has tripled in size as the company announced US release details for its 55- and 65-inch sets. Both LA9700 models started rolling out to retailers this week, and, besides their Ultra High Definition resolution, offer a 4.1 speaker setup and LG's upscaling technology — no doubt designed to mitigate the current paucity of true 4K content.

Pricier than Sony and Samsung models

The TVs were shown at CES earlier this year. The 55-inch set will sell for $6,999, and the 65-inch model costs $7,999, meaning that LG has chosen to price its lineup higher than both Sony and Samsung's equivalent offerings. The company says that a release in regions such as the UK and Australia will follow, but hasn't yet announced pricing details.