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Eric Schmidt has a Moto X and he's using it right now

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Being Google's executive chairman has its perks

Eric Schmidt Moto x
Eric Schmidt Moto x

Google chairman Eric Schmidt took part in the annual Allen & Co. business conference yesterday — and took the time to show off Motorola's latest hardware. Italian site has posted photos showing Schmidt placing a call and generally playing around with the unreleased but heavily-leaked Moto X smartphone. Schmidt showed off a model with a white back and prominent Motorola logo, but it looks like the front is all black — similar to the recently-released white Nexus 4 and previous white Nexus models. The phone also appears to be extremely thin on the left and right edges but thicker in the middle — it's a style we haven't seen on a lot of phones and should help the Moto X stand out a bit. The photos also give us a better look at the textures on the Moto X's back, something we've seen in a number of past leaks. For probably the best look yet at Motorola's first real collaboration with Google, check out the photos in the gallery below.