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Back for another bite: 'Sharknado' encore airing July 18th amid sequel talks

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Looking to capitalize on an unforeseen Twitter sensation, Syfy has announced that television audiences will have a second chance to see Sharknado on July 18th at 7PM EST. The made-for-TV movie prompted a flurry of Twitter activity when it originally aired last night, at one point topping out at 5,200 tweets per minute. Syfy has decided to run an encore presentation of the campy flick "given the enormous popular demand." We suspect the cable channel is also hoping the massive social buzz around Sharknado can lead to higher ratings the second time around. Despite taking Twitter by storm, Sharknado drew just over one million total viewers with a dismal 0.4 showing in the all-important 18-49 demographic. Deadline reports Syfy is already discussing a Sharknado sequel, though we still don't have firm timing on when the water cyclones and flesh-hungry sharks will be returning.