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On The Verge with NASA JPL and 'Terms and Conditions' director Cullen Hoback

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OTV 18 no text

Robots! Virtual Reality! A "human-robot partnership" that'll put a billion people in space!

Senior reporter TC Sottek went to Pasadena, CA for a trip to NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, an experimental arm of the agency that's doing some crazy work with the most advanced technology and with off-the-shelf parts like the Oculus Rift.

And Nilay Patel sat down with Cullen Hoback, the documentary filmmaker whose work Terms and Conditions May Apply take a look at those the contracts we sign and the data we give — willingly and otherwise — when we use services like iTunes, Facebook, and Google.



Directed by Billy Disney, Jordan Oplinger

Producer: Ross Miller
Associate Producer: Michael Shane
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Executive Producers: Joshua Topolsky, Chad Mumm, Kyle Kramer

Written by: Joshua Topolsky, Ross Miller, Nathan Cykiert

Edited by: Regina Dellea

Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers

Camera Operators: Zach Goldstein, John Lagomarsino, Christian Mazza
Gaffer: Corey Gailit
NASA JPL Segment: Zach Goldstein, John Lagomarsino, Arlene Muller

Host: Joshua Topolsky
Special Guests: Cullen Hoback
Featuring: Nilay Patel, TC Sottek

Production Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Will Buikema, Dave Kaufman

Booker: Mary Downey
Production Assistants: Jacob Moe, Courtland Noble