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Audio pioneer Amar G. Bose, creator of Bose speakers, dies

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Amar G. Bose
Amar G. Bose

Audio tech pioneer Amar G. Bose, founder of the high-end audio equipment company that bears his name, died today at age 83, according to statements from the Bose Corporation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. No cause of death was immediately given. Dr. Bose founded the Bose Corporation back in 1964, while he was a professor of electrical engineering at MIT, where he had also previously earned his doctorate.

In fact, it was reportedly back when he was a student writing his doctoral thesis in 1956 that he came up with the idea of direct and reflecting sound, which would lead to the first Bose product line — the 901 speakers, according to Outlook India. Bose had purchased a "hi-fi" system of the time and found it lacking. Inspired to create a better version, he worked on several different concepts designed to recreate live concert audio. He holds numerous patents on additional audio inventions that continue to be used by Bose to this day, and his company has thrived despite major competition in the space.

"he was first and foremost a teacher."

But even with the tremendous success of his company, which remains arguably one of the best-known in terms of audio equipment, Bose remained a professor at MIT until 2011. As his son, fellow MIT alum Vanu G. Bose said in a statement provided by MIT: "While my father is well known for his success as an inventor and businessman, he was first and foremost a teacher. I could not begin to count the number of people I’ve met who’ve told me that my father was the best professor they ever had and how taking 6.01 from him changed their life." MIT and the Bose Corporation are also offering additional memorials on their websites today, including his final recorded lecture from the fall of 1996.